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All Chemistry majors (including Freshmen, Honors College scholars, and Student Athletes) should meet with their Chemistry academic advisor at least twice a semester, including during the designated Advisement and Registration period, to ensure they are enrolling in the correct courses and are on track to graduate as expected.  If you don't know who is your Chemistry academic advisor, see the table below.  Each time you meet with your advisor, you should record the meeting on your Student Advisement Record, which will be submitted as part of your graduation application.


Fall 2022 Chemistry Advisement*



Email Address


Student Last Names

Dr. Edward Doomes

107 Lee Hall

A - B

Dr. Kinesha Harris

118B Lee Hall

C - F

Dr. Maryam Jahan

154 James Hall

G - Je

Dr. Conrad Jones

110A Lee Hall

Ji - M

Dr. Prabin Rai

215A Lee Hall

N - P

Dr. Gloria Thomas-Fuller

215 Lee Hall

Q - T

Dr. Edwin Walker, Jr.

214 Lee Hall

U - Williams, C.

Dr. Weihua Wang

211 Lee Hall

Williams, D. - Z

You should use Microsoft Calendar (in-person) or Teams (virtual) to request a meeting with your advisor.

* If you have a pre-existing relationship with an advisor, you can and should keep that advisor.



Graduation Applications

Graduation applications are due prior to the graduating semester.  If you are anticipating graduating during the Fall semester, you must submit your graduation application during the preceding Spring semester.  If you are anticipating graduating during the Spring or Summer semester, your must submit your application during the preceding Fall semester.

Spring/Summer 2023

If you are anticipating graduating in Spring or Summer 2023, you need to contact the Chemistry Program Leader immediately and you need to submit your complete and signed application packet to the Chemistry Program Leader by Friday, November 4th.  You must use the latest degree map version for your catalog and degree track.  You must submit your application to the Chemistry Program Leader electronically (via email).  If you or your advisor has been recording your advisement sessions on a Student Advisement form, you should substitute that form in place of the blank form in the provided graduation packet, since it has your actual or electronic signatures for each meeting and the meeting notes. If your academic advisor requires a hardcopy of the graduation packet, then you need to scan in the application once it has been signed by your advisor.  Make sure you COMPLETE every page of the packet.  There should only be blanks for things you haven’t completed or that don’t apply to you.  Use the checkout form explanation sheet to CORRECTLY and COMPLETELY fill out your checkout form.  If you have questions as you are filling out the packet, please contact your Chemistry academic advisor or the Chemistry Program Leader.

Transfer Courses

All courses completed on your degree map must show up on your SU transcript with a course rubric AND number (CHEM 132/SCHE 132B), no Xs (CHEM XXXX).  If you have transfer courses that are not fully articulated (no course number), you need to submit a Transfer Course Evaluation form to the SU Program/Department offering the equivalent course, in order for that Program Leader/Chair to sign off as to what SU course is equivalent to your transfer course.  Submit the completed and signed form to the Registrar’s Office, so they can update your SU transcript accordingly.  You need to verify that all of your transfer credit is equivalent to the courses that you are expecting AND that the credit hours are accepted and equivalent.  If your transfer course is fewer credit hours than the SU course, you will be deficient in hours needed to graduate.

Course Substitutions

All course substitutions must be approved prior to submission of graduation applications.  You must submit the complete, approved Request for Substitution of Course form(s) with your graduation applications.


Graduation Application

Checkout Sheet Explanations

Degree Map (Traditional and Pre-Med)

Degree Map (Chemistry/Chemical Engineering)


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