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The Chemistry Program is an undergraduate program in the Department of Biology and Chemistry, which offers an ACS-certified Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.  We offer a pre-medicine concentration for those students that are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences arena.  In addition, we have a dual degree cooperative agreement with LSU that allows students to earn a BS in Chemistry from Southern and a BS in Chemical Engineering from LSU.  We also provide service courses for the School of Nursing, the College of Agriculture Family and Consumer Sciences, other departments in the College of Sciences and Engineering and other colleges at Southern University Baton Rouge.



According to its stated mission, the Southern University family, has a long and illustrious history of producing distinguished graduates in every academic discipline. At the forefront, the Chemistry Program graduates have and continue to demonstrate a fundamental tenet of chemists everywhere -chemistry is a science that impacts everyone and everything.

The chemistry faculty and staff are committed to preparing our students to be "... competent, informed and productive citizens." in fields including academia, industry, and healthcare. We aspire to be the best at what we do as we provide classroom instruction and supervise research in a nurturing atmosphere. Our intent is to prepare our students to compete in a crowd without getting lost in it. We stress and demand high academic standards for our students while taking personal interest in them. We know each of our majors by name.

Our majors have the opportunity to choose one of three main tracks: (1) one that prepares students for industrial or graduate research; (2) one that prepares students for the health professions or life sciences; and (3) one that allows the students to earn a dual degree in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Our students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research on site as well as at prestigious research facilities around the country. By doing so, our students get the opportunity to gain exposure to chemistry-related research, a field where the numbers of minority students is very scarce. Our students are required to present their research discoveries at scientific meetings and serve as co-authors on scientific articles.

Please know that we believe in what we do. We are dedicated to preparing ALL of our students to be major contributors to society. If you would like to find out more about us, or join our family, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

The Chemistry Program at Southern University is dedicated to preparing students for productive careers in the state, nation, and the world. Graduates of the chemistry program will:

PEO-1: Be able to make connections between fundamental chemical phenomena and each of the major chemistry subdisciplines:
analytical, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical.

PEO-2: Be able to conduct independent research using a working knowledge of chemical instrumentation and laboratory techniques.

PEO-3: Be prepared for graduate studies in chemistry or related areas or for professional areas including medicine, dentistry, and

PEO-4: Be able to effectively communicate scientific data to chemists and non-chemists in a professional and ethical manner.



LA-SUBR-CHEM.1 Demonstrate the ability to think critically and employ critical thinking skills.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the Principles for Scientific Inquiry.

(The Principles of Scientific Inquiry adopted by the Chemistry Program are correlated with):

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.a Demonstrate an ability of how to pose significant questions that can be investigated empirically.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.b Demonstrate an ability of how to link research to relevant theory.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.c Demonstrate an ability of how to use methods that permit direct investigation of the question.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.d Demonstrate an ability to provide a coherent and explicit chain of reasoning.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.e Demonstrate an ability to replicate and generalize across the five foundation areas of the chemistry disciplines (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, and Biochemistry).

LA-SUBR-CHEM.2.f Demonstrate an ability of how to disclose research to encourage professional scrutiny and critique (Peer Review).

LA-SUBR-CHEM.3 Demonstrate an ability to apply the scientific method in laboratory experiences to interpret information, analyze data and draw conclusions.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of science on society.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.5 Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate chemical knowledge and experimental results through scientific writings, poster, and oral presentations.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.6 Demonstrate the ability for in-depth problem solving using quantitative and/or analytical reasoning skills needed to succeed in Chemistry.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.7 Demonstrate the ability to read, write and interpret data such as graphs, charts, and tables.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.8 Demonstrate the ability to make connections between concepts across Chemistry.

LA-SUBR-CHEM.9 Demonstrate the ability to perform basic laboratory procedures and techniques in at least four of the foundation areas (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Biochemistry) involving the synthesis of molecules, the measurement of chemical & physical properties, structures and chemical phenomena.


A student may major in chemistry with a concentration in pre-medicine by following the same basic curriculum listed under “CHEMISTRY” while making appropriate course substitutions for those courses denoted by the pound sign #. Students concentrating in premedicine are required to complete 50 semester hours of chemistry and a minimum of 12 hours of biology. Specifically, the chemistry major choosing to concentrate in pre-medicine must take General Psychology SPSY 201B (3 hours), Biochemistry Lecture CHEM 341 (3 hours), Biochemistry Laboratory CHEM 343 (1 hour), Comparative Anatomy SBIO 233B (4 hours), an additional biology elective (4 hours), an additional chemistry elective (3 hours), and an additional free elective (1 hour).

The Department of Chemistry at Southern University in conjunction with the Department of Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University offers a dual degree in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Program. The student who successfully completes this program receives a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southern University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University. Students interested in pursuing a Chemistry/Chemical Engineering major should consult the Chemistry Program Leader for information concerning degree requirements.


All chemistry majors must earn a “C” or better in all required and elective courses taken in chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics. Students must also meet all requirements for the college and the University.


Students enrolled in the chemistry program must successfully complete an approved program of study of 120 credit hours.


Degree Map (Traditional and Pre-Med)

Degree Map (Chemistry/Chemical Engineering)

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