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Dance Minor

Photo: Nyama Contemporary Dance Co., Baton Rouge, LA [ Credit: SU Photography]

The minor in dance at Southern University is meticulously crafted to offer students a comprehensive and multifaceted exploration of dance as a rich and dynamic art form. Our dance minors engage in a collaborative learning environment, working closely with dedicated instructors, accomplished artists, and outstanding research scholars. This unique blend of expertise allows students to delve deep into the world of contemporary dance, gaining a nuanced understanding of its various dimensions.

At Southern University, our overarching goal extends beyond merely imparting technical skills; we aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals who embody the core qualities of critical thinking, fearlessness in leadership, and articulate communication. Through a carefully curated curriculum, students are encouraged to not only excel as performers but also to actively contribute to the evolving landscape of the dance industry.

The program goes beyond the studio, providing a holistic education that encompasses theoretical aspects, hands-on experience through performances, and exposure to cutting-edge research in the field. By nurturing a diverse skill set, our dance minors are empowered to navigate the challenges of the dance world with confidence and creativity.

Southern University's commitment to excellence in dance education is evident in our dedication to creating an environment that fosters personal and artistic growth. Join us on a transformative journey where passion meets education, and emerge as a dancer equipped not only with technical proficiency but also with the intellectual and creative prowess to make a lasting impact in the dynamic realm of dance.

Student Learning Outcomes

(Borrowed from Dance Performance and Choreography Major at Spelman College)

Engage in dance as a mode of inquiry, knowledge production, and critical thinking through embodied creative processes, theoretical investigations, literature, and performance.

Articulate—orally, in written form, and through embodied practice—historical and contemporary sociocultural contexts of dance practice. 

Demonstrate high-level technical and choreographic skills to investigate, engage in, and develop creative processes for commercial and concert performances.

Demonstrate the ability to self-generate professional opportunities and creative spaces and maneuver within various concert, commercial, and social communities locally, regionally, and internationally.