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Fall 2011 Volume VI, Issue III Archives

Fall 2011 Volume VI, Issue III

  1. "Brand Mistakes and their Negative Impact on African american Consumers" Dr. Jamie Pleasant


    This paper is offered as an overview of marketing blunders and the negative effects that ill-planned advertising campaigns can have on a marketer‟s brand. There are several consumer behavioral research shortfalls that have contributed to the significant gap that still exists between marketers and African Americans in the area of successful advertisement campaigns. Furthermore, various marketing advertisement mistakes that have been made by major corporations will be explored. The paper will also examine the successful marketing efforts of companies like Procter and Gamble and Kellogg‟s whom have developed effective advertisements directed towards African American ethnic consumer markets. Additionally, this paper offers new and effective ways that a marketer can reach market segments with precision-tailored strategies that uncover underlying sensitive motivations that will eliminate surprise disturbances that can damage a marketer's brand when it launches ill-designed ads targeted at African Americans because of faulty and neglectful behavioral research. When these strategies are properly implemented, corporations should expect a huge positive economic bottom line impact within their organizations.