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SU Engineering Alumni

Welcome to Southern University College of Engineering website. It is with profound pride that we acknowledge that you have proven yourselves successful in the competitive and global marketplace. We feel a great sense of fulfillment as engineering educators just to witness your fast-tracked accomplishments. Especially since it's been such a brief period of time since you were mere students under our dedicated tutorage, while we molded your innate intellect to enable you to become the established professional engineers that you are now. Well done; we are proud of your achievements!!!

Its now time for you to assist the college in enhancing its legacy to better serve the present and future
generations that follow after you. Remember, the engineering degree that you labored so hard to earn can only reflect the integrity of the institution that granted it to you. Accordingly, it is to your advantage to continue to support and uplift this distinguished institution; so as to build a greater legacy than was here when you matriculated in its honorable halls.

Please contribute generously to the college of engineering. The full amount of your payment may be considered a charitable contribution. There are three options to contribute to the College of Engineering. You can either accept the Dean's Challenge, adopt a Lab, or adopt a Professor!


Establishing a named fund is a wonderful memorial for a loved one or a great way to bring recognition to your firm's support of the University. To initialize a named fund, you must begin with a minimum pledge of
$30,000 and an initial payment of $5,000, with payments of $5,000 per year over a five-year period. If
requested, we will announce the creation of the new fund and solicit individual contributions through fund
promotional materials, publications and / or direct mail. Although $30,000 is the minimum amount to establish a named fund, you can contribute any amount of additional funds at any time. There is no limit to how large a name fund can be - a larger endowment will produce a greater number of scholarships.

While scholarships are awarded in the amount of $2,500, this figure may increase or decrease due to
fluctuations in interest rates, student credentials, and student needs. The first scholarship will be awarded at the end of the first full year interest income reaches the scholarship level. The selection of the award recipient is chosen by the College of Engineering Scholarship Selection Committee based on the eligibility guidelines and criteria.

Named scholarships are tracked separately but combined with all other funds in the endowment for investment purposes. At the end of the five-year donation period, if contributions have not reached the $30,000 pledge, all donations received will be transferred to the general scholarship fund.

For information on establishing a Named Fund call the Dean's Office at 225-771-5290 or complete the College of Engineering Scholarship Endowment Fund Application.

The College of Engineering Laboratory Adoption Initiative (CELAI) solicits sponsorships from industry to help
support one or more instructional enhancement efforts. The sponsored contributions may be in-cash or in-kind, preferably in multiple units of $5,000 per year, per adopted activity. Sponsors will be acknowledged by 1-point per $5,000, or equivalent, of support. A scoreboard reporting sponsors and sponsorship points is published regularly. A laboratory may be adopted with a minimum of one sponsorship point per year. Any laboratory that is fully adopted may be named after sponsoring organization, as long as the sponsorship remains current.

The College of Engineering Endowed Professorship Initiative (CEEPI) awards a distinguished scholar whose
accomplishments will advance the reputation of the University as a research institution in higher education. The award is designed to bring recognition to outstanding scholars and to enhance the quality and preparation of students working with them. The major purpose of the professorship is to attract new-distinguished scholars to the University or to reward current faculty who have established national reputations in their professions. The award normally carries an annual supplementary stipend and funds for research/instructional support. The tenure of the professorship is three years with the possibility of renewal. Throughout the term of the award, the endowed professor must be a full-time faculty member at the University. The major commitment of the recipient will be to produce scholarship, which enhances the national reputation of the University although he/she may also be involved in several areas.

We would love to know how you are doing! Please tell us about yourself. At the College of Engineering, we
respect your right to privacy; your information will not be shared with anybody. You could also list yourself in our alumni directory (Coming soon..)! In these pages, you could also look at what your counterparts have
accomplished and read about NEWS from alumni and various chapters.