Strategic Plan

College of Engineering Strategic Plan
Summary 2004 - 2009



The mission of the Southern University College of Engineering is to provide its students with a high-quality education which will enable them to successfully compete within all dimensions, while making significant
contributions to society.


Consistent with the mission of Southern University Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge, the Southern University College of Engineering is committed to providing high-quality education to its students in an effort to meet the needs of society. In performing the rigors of operating our programs and carrying out associated activities, we believe that several core values undergirt this commitment and collectively form the guiding principles for our actions as a college. Moreover, we believe these values are reinforced within the college and are transferred as positive attributes to those who work with us in fulfilling our mission. These core
values are:

  • Actions reflecting a Students First approach with care for other constituencies such as Industry, Alumni,
    and the Community-at-Large
  • Recognition of the value of Innovative Teaching, Research and other Scholarly Work
  • Actions that foster Team Spirit and Respect for one another
  • Devotion to Quality Culture focused on Continuous Improvement
  • A sense of Responsiveness and Accountability in all our dealings
  • Actions that embody Fair Distribution of Resources to all
  • Actions that are characterized by ethics, integrity and professionalism


The vision of the Southern University College of Engineering is to be a premier values-based institution, committed to excellence in preparing students for success in the engineering and technology professions, through research, experienced-based instruction, and community service, under the direction of a highly qualified and customer-oriented faculty and staff.


The College of Engineering has identified four strategic areas of significant research focus for the next decade. Our goal is to maximize usage of our facilities and human resources in the areas that we have established capital with a track record of achievements. These research areas are:

  • A. Computation, communication, and information,
  • B. Advanced materials,
  • C. Nanomaterials, nanoscience, and devices, and
  • D. Energy and the environment.

Much of the ongoing research in the college, and future activities in the cited research areas, is closely aligned with the national research agenda as well as with Southern University's strengths and priorities. The four areas we have selected as the focus of significant research are expected to strongly influence curriculum, facilities, and faculty hiring. The COE will also continue to strongly support existing research programs that support its mission and goals.


GOAL [1]: Maintain an infrastructure to achieve academic and research goals.

OBJECTIVE [1A]: Enhance and expand utilization of existing engineering facilities.
OBJECTIVE [1B]: Maintain and expand high-quality and competitive instructional delivery systems.

GOAL [2]: Establish and maintain high-quality academic, research, and support programs.

OBJECTIVE [2A]: Enhance the quality of existing undergraduate programs.
OBJECTIVE [2B]: Increase research and scholarly activities.
OBJECTIVE [2C]: Establish and maintain graduate programs in high-demand areas.

GOAL [3]: Increase student outreach and success rates to nationally competitive levels.

OBJECTIVE [3A]: Increase college recruitment and retention.
OBJECTIVE [3B]: Enhance student outreach and mentoring effectiveness.
OBJECTIVE [3C]: Enhance effective teaching and learning processes.
OBJECTIVE [3D]: Increase student support from scholarships, internships, etc.
OBJECTIVE [3E]: Improve student performance on Departmental Comprehensive examinations.

GOAL [4]: Improve the recruitment, development, and retention of high-quality faculty and staff.

OBJECTIVE [4A]: Recruit and retain faculty having experiences in teaching, research, and practice.
OBJECTIVE [4B]: Motivate and sustain faculty toward developing balance in their skill set.
OBJECTIVE [4C]: Motivate and sustain the professional development of staff.

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