If you are an Alumni of the Southern University Naval ROTC program, we would love to hear from you. Contact LT William Gurzynski at 225-247-4435 or by email at to be added to the list of Alumni, add your bio, or make corrections to the list. If you have been selected for Command, let us know and we will hang your picture on our wall of Alumni Commanders at the unit.

NROTC Southern University Graduates 1974 - 1990

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Class of 1974                        Class of 1975                        Class of 1976                              Class of 1977                              
Bruce M. Doucette   Francis D. Chavis   Rufus Addison   Janice M. Brown  
Charles Moore   James Goodloe Jr.   Alton J. Allen   Nettie R. Johnson  
Gerald D. Johnson   David L. Goudelock      Walter Andrus   Edward D. Senion III     
John N. Parker   Robert Jones Jr.   Era M. Anthony      
Leroy Chevis   Robert A. Knapper      Leroy Auston      
Michael D. Crocker        Ellis A. Leonard   Eddie Bickham      
Michael R. Seals   Stanley A. Ordone   Clyde Blackman      
Paul J. Landry   Gary L. Reglin   Ulyse Godfrey      
Phillip B. Griffin   Wiley C. Thompson      Alberto Golfo      
Richard D. Gillespie   Charles J. Warner   Marilyn J. Harding      
Robert L. Hayes   Roderick A. Wells   Jerry Henderson      
Ronald J. Lawrence       Robert E. Lindsey Jr.       
        Robert J. Mayeux      
        Larry Melancon      
        Robert Morgan Jr.      
        Allen C. Muse      
        Timothy C. Rushing      
        Lea V. Sims      
        Tommy L. Thigpen      
Class of 1978                       Class of 1979                       Class of 1980                               Class of 1981                          
Mark J. Barry Cary Welton   Loretta G. Bradley   Jerry W. Frazier  
Terry Brown Alvin Ford   Byron G. Richardson  

Gary L. Johnson

Thomas Cage Robert L. Ford   Matthew Smith   William Mayo  
Sheryl A. Doucette Cathy E. Hayden   Kenneth L. Turner   Johann Odom  
David Emanual Tony R. Johnson   Carl S. Weary   John F. Patten  
Daryl J. Forbes Jesse Marzette III       Warren Pearson  
Henry Gordon Jr. Harold J. Nevels       Arnetta Spikes  
Millicent G. Hatcher Paul T. Killins          
Tyrone James Timothy J. Pavelle          
Darrel Johnson Joseph E. Pollard          
Thomas Latiolias Jr.            
Gregory L. Lawrence            
Keith O. Lyles            
Edward Morgan            
Mckinnley Muse            
Martin Pitchford            
Ray C. Rogers            
Jerome Sampey            
John A Siffert            
Joseph L. Way            
Class of 1982                      Class of 1983                     Class of 1984                                 Class of 1985                
Grant P. Clarke Eddie B. Allen Dexter J. Brooks Rickey E. Brown
James T. Curry Jr. Don R. Beard John Carlos Maudeva Jackson
Luther Hill Jr. Gerry L. Coleman MajGen Craig Crenshaw, USMC Quintella D. Jones
Hebert G. Jacobs Victor L. Decasto Delores A. Duncan Alan D. Lambert
Gordon A. Johnson Cecilia J. Dupont Kevin Grice Dean E. Stewart
Kenneth W. Montgomery Wallace E. Evers Christopher E. Hayden Arlene Turner
Dudley C. Williams Larence Herbert Keith Hibbett Ruby S. Wilson
  Millie M. King James R. Hunter Stacy Wilson
  Gerard M. Lewis Ronald Hurst  
  Keith D. McGill Ledell Johnson  
  Jessie M. Royster Mark L. Padgett  
  Michael J. Salters    
  James J. Varnadore    
Class of 1986                      Class of 1987                      Class of 1989                               Class of 1990            
Steven Dickerson Craig R. Dearth William Foley Ross Dodson
Jimmy A. Jackson William S. Devall III CAPT Wilbert R. Bynum, USN John Benn
Kevin F. Morant Henry J. Domingue Jr. Kevin McVadon Ronald Seymore
Antonio Peterson Steven Hoyle   Reginald Cannon
George M. Sutton Euseekers Williams   Pervis Hayes
      Samual Harris
      Jerry Sullivan
      Derrick Stewart

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