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The Bachelor of Arts in English includes core curricula in general education and the College of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies, 18 hours of free electives or a minor in another discipline, and specialized study in English, for a total of 125 hours. In addition to general education and college requirements, a major in English must complete the following courses:

Introduction to Literature SENL 232B

World Literature SENL 220B

Applied English Grammar ENGL 305B  

English Literature I & II ENGL 308B & 309B  

American Literature I & II ENGL 310B & 311B 

African American Literature ENGL 313B 

History of English Language ENGL 433B 

Literary Criticism ENGL 451B 

Shakespeare ENGL 471B 

English Seminar ENGL 498B

One Period Course ENGL 330B, 350B, 351B, 413B, 491B, or 492B 

Two English Electives English courses numbered 300 or higher (with special permission for graduate-level courses) General Education and College of Humanities  and Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements-Continued (71 Hours)

Social and Behavioral Sciences  (12 Hours )
ECON 200, GEOG 210, and six hours of  History

Natural Sciences (10 Hours)
Must include biological and physical science; one area must be a two-semester sequence; a one-credit laboratory must be taken in conjunction with one of the three courses, the other two being lecture only

Foreign Languages (9 Hours)             
French, German or Spanish in a three-course sequence; or two courses in Japanese and one course in another language 

Humanities, Fine Arts and African American Experience(12 Hours) 
Three credit hours each in humanities/African American Experience 
(HUMN 366 or 403), Speech (SPTH 210), and a Philosophy elective; three hours in an Arts elective (ARTS 200, MUSC 200, HUMN 241 or 242)

Health or Physical Education (2 Hours)

Computer Literacy (3 Hours)
ENGL 261, 362 or CMPS ____

Freshman Seminar (2 Hours) 
FRMN110 and 111

Community Service (3 Hours)

SVLR __________

Writing Proficiency and Exit Examinations
Successful completion of a writing proficiency examination and a departmental comprehensive examination are prerequisites to graduation. The writing proficiency examination should be taken while enrolled in SENL 102B. The departmental comprehensive should be taken the second semester of the junior year. At the beginning of the semester in which the proficiency examination is to be taken, students should enroll in ENGL 001, the course designated for that examination. The Department of English will notify majors of test dates for the departmental comprehensive.

MINOR-ENGLISH (24 Credit Hours)
Any student fulfilling requirements for a major in a field other than English may obtain credit for a minor in English upon satisfactory completion of the following courses:

Introduction to Literature SENL 232B

Applied English Grammar ENGL 305B

English Literature I & II ENGL 308B & 309B 

American Literature I & II ENGL 310B & 311B

African American Literature ENGL 313B 

Shakespeare ENGL 471B