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There are several different types of scholarship opportunties available to attend Naval ROTC. Opportunities ranging from two to four years of benefits, the types of scholarships avavilable to prospective ROTC midshipmen and the respective descriptions are listed below. There is also a College Program opportunity available to students not eligible for a scholarship to participate in NROTC and earn a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

Due the restrictions imposed on the SAT & ACT administrators by the COVID-19 pandemic, the academic eligibility for the FY21 NROTC Scholarship has been modified as follows:

Applicants must


Have the following SAT or ACT scores:

SAT: 540 Math; 550 Verbal Evidence Based Reading and Writing AND 1100 Combined (Math plus Evidence Based Reading and Writing)

ACT: 21 Math; 22 English AND 44 Combined (Math plus English)

See for details


A cumulative High school GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 Scale) AND a 2.0 grade (on a 4.0 Scale) in Algebra II (or equivalent course) AND

a statement from their high school guidance counselor or senior JROTC instructor certifying that SAT and ACT testing was not reasonably available to the applicant.


National Scholarship (Navy or Marine Option)

The National Scholarship covers full tuition, required fees, a stipend for textbooks, uniforms and a monthly subsistence allowance for each month of the academic year. It applies to all four year colleges who have a NROTC unit, including Southern University and LSU. This scholarship can be applied for by both Navy and Marine Corps options. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is December 31st of the preceeding calendar year in which you plan to start college. However, it is recommended that you start the application process as soon as possible, as early as the Spring of your junior year of high school.

Applications must be submitted on the Naval ROTC website. For more information on this scholarship opportunity go to 


Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR) (Navy Only)

The Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation, or MSISR, offers the same benefits as the National Scholarship and is exclusive to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), High Hispanic Enrollment Schools (HHEs), and other Minority Serving Instituions. This scholarship applies to Navy option students only. The application process starts with filling out the National Scholarship application and checking the box for Minority Serving Institution Scholoarship Reservation. Eligibility criteria, the application timeline, and application process can all be found at .  If you are interested or have any questions, please contact LT William Gurzynski at 225-771-4517 or by email at


Frederick C. Branch Leadership Scholarship (Marine Option Only)

The Frederick C. Branch Leadership Scholarship is named in honor of the first African American Marine Corps officer who was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on 10 November 1945.  It is available at 17 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) affiliated with NROTC, including Southern University, and this scholarship offers the same benefits as the National Scholarship. If you are interested in becoming an officer in the Marine Corps, please contact our Marine Officer Instructor, Capt Hipolito Ozuna, USMC at 225-771-2898 or or our Assistant Marine Officer Instructor, SSgt Haney, at 225-771-4684 or


Further information and requirements can be found at:



 Naval ROTC Preparatory Program Scholarship

The Naval ROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) scholarship is a program aimed to prepare midshipman-candidates to succeed in the Naval ROTC program. The program selects candidates with great academic and leadership potential and improves their learning capabilities so that they are able to academically address the rigorous, demanding, and fast paced courses at the college and NROTC program levels. For individuals who are striving for a follow-on four year Naval ROTC contract to Southern University and A&M College, this preparatory program provides an initial year of academics and military orientation focused on preparing students for university and NROTC success by providing tuition, fees, room & board.


The application and related forms/documents can be found here (Forms for application to Fall 2021 will be edited and uploaded by Nov 30, 2020):



If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our staff, please contact LT William Gurzynski at 225-771-4517 or by email at


          College Program
The NROTC College Program is available to applicants selected from students already attending or accepted by colleges with NROTC programs. The College Program pays for uniforms and instructional fees for naval science courses, but does not pay for tuition, books, or other fees. College Program students selected for Advanced Standing receive a stipend for maximum of 20 months. Advance Standing is only available starting the junior year of college. Stipend per academic month is $350 junior year and $400 senior year. Upon graduation, College Program Midshipmen will be commissioned Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. For more information on the NROTC College Program, please contact LT William Gurzynski at 225-771-4517 or by email at



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