Faculty and Staff

Image of Dr. Akwaboa
Dr. Stephen Akwaboa

Assistant Professor
Telephone:   225-771-2709
Email:  Stephen_Akwaboa@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 366

Image of Dr. Blevins
Dr. Edgar Blevins

Professor and College Outreach Director
Telephone:   225-771-4736
Email:  Edgar_Blevins@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 359

Image of Dean Crosby
Dr. Karen Crosby

Professor and Dean of the Dolores M.R. Spikes Honors College
Telephone:   225-771-4624
Email:  Karen_Crosby@subr.edu
Office:  Honors College Office / Pinchback 346

Image of Dr. Dawan
Dr. Fareed Dawan

Assistant Professor
Telephone:   225-771-2207
Email:  Fareed_Dawan@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 351


Image of Dr. Ibekwe

Dr. Samuel Ibekwe (Retired)

Dow Chemicals Endowed Chair Professor
Telephone:   225-771-2525
Email:  Samuel_Ibekwe@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 358

Image of Dr. Jana
Dr. Amitava Jana

Telephone:   225-771-5792
Email:  Amitava_Jana@subr.edu
Office: Pinchback 345

Image of Dr. Jerro
Dr. H. Dwayne Jerro

Professor and Chair
Telephone:   225-771-3580
Email:  Dwayne_Jerro@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 334

Image of Dr. Li
Dr. Guoqiang Li

Distinguished Research Professor
Telephone:   225-771-5535
Email:  Guoqiang_Li@subr.edu
Office: Pinchback 337

Image of Dr. Mensah
Dr. Patrick Mensah

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Telephone:   225-771-4193
Email:  Patrick_Mensah@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 212

Dr. Michael Stubblefield

Associate Professor and Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic Initiatives
Telephone:   225-771-3890
Email:  Michael_Stubblefield@subr.edu
Office:  Office of Sponsored Research (730 Harding Blvd)

Image of Dr. Warren
Dr. Brian Warren

Assistant Professor
Telephone:   865-368-7913
Email:  Brian_Warren@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 353

Dr. Sanjay Kodiyalam

Mechanical Engineering Technician / Research Associate
Telephone:   225-771-2718
Email:  Sanjay_Kodiyalam@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 365

Ms. Holland
Ms. Whitney Jones-Holland

Administrative Assistant
Telephone:   225-771-2588
Email:  Whitney_Jones@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 336

Image of Mrs. Ruth
Mrs. Bernice K. Ruth

Project Coordinator for the NSF CREST Center for Next Generation Multifunctional Composites
Program Coordinator
Telephone:   225-771-2510
Email:  Bernice_Ruth@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 338

Image of Dr. Agu
Dr. Ogad Agu

Full-Time Instructor (Adjunct)
Telephone:   225-771-3258
Email:  Ogad_Agu@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 349

Image of Professor Watson
Prof. Morgan Watson

Adjunct Instructor
Telephone:   225-603-4100
Email:  Morgan_Watson@subr.edu

Image of Dr. Khondoker
Dr. Mohammad Khondoker

Research Assistant Professor
Telephone:   225-454-3522
Email:  Mohammad.Khondoker@subr.edu

Image of Professor Amoafo-Yeboah
Prof. Nigel Amoafo-Yeboah

Adjunct Instructor
Email:  Nigel_Amoafo-Yeboah@subr.edu

Image of Dean Mohamadian
Dr. Habib P.  Mohamadian (Retired)

Professor, Former Dean of the Graduate School, and Former Dean of the College of Engineering 
Telephone:   225-771-5390
Email:  Habib_Mohamadian@subr.edu
Office:  Pinchback 361


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