Mechanical Engineerng

Academic and Career Advisors

 Students are responsible for knowing their chosen curricula and for adhering to all published regulations of the University.All Mechanical Engineering (ME) students are assigned academic advisors by the Chair of the department, as listed above, when they are transferred to the College of Sciences and Engineering.Academic advisors provide invaluable information and guidance to students about their programs and career options.  They approve the student's schedule of classes through the Department's Registration Advisement Form and Table (RAFT) throughout the entire period of attendance at the University.All ME students are required to meet with their advisors prior to each registration and at least once during a semester or term to discuss their progress.Graduating seniors must complete the Candidates for Bachelor's OfficialCheck-out Sheet with their advisor two (2) semesters in advance before final checkout for graduation.

First Letter of Student's Last Name


Email or Web


Office Location

A, B

Dr. Stephen Akwaboa

(225) 771-2709

Pinch 366


Dr. Dwayne Jerro

(225) 771-3580

Pinch 334


Dr. Fareed Dawan

(225) 771- 2207

Pinch 351

E, F, G, H

Dr. Amitava Jana

Dr. Dwayne Jerro

(225) 771-5792 or 771-3580

Pinch 345

Pinch 334

I, J, K, L

Dr. Edgar Blevins

(225) 771-4736

Pinch 359

M, N, O, P

Dr. Patrick Mensah

(225) 771-4193

Pinch 212

Q, R, S, T

Dr. Samuel Ibekwe


Pinch 358

U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Dr. Fareed Dawan

(225) 771-2207

Pinch 351

All Transfer Students

Dr. Dwayne Jerro

(225) 771-3580

Pinch 334

Graduating Senior Final Check Out

Dr. Dwayne Jerro

(225) 771-3580

Pinch 334

Center for Student Success (CSS) Coach for All Incoming Freshman with 0 to 30 Credit Hours

See List on the CSS Academic Coaching Web Page

(225) 771-4040

Harris Hall Rooms

1081 thru 1086


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