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Dr. Shizhong Yang

Dr. Shizhong Yang




Ph.D.   University of Missouri - Kansas City
Office:   E113 Henry Thurman Jr. Hall
Phone:   225-771-3113




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 Office Hours: 

TUESDAY/THURSDAY  2:00 - 5:00 pm
FRIDAY 1:00 - 2:00 PM & 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Research Interests

  • High performance computation algorithm, software design
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligent application on novel material design, e.g. high Tc superconductors & additive manufacturing
  • Accurate reaction barrier calculation method development
  • Linearly scalable ab initio molecular dynamics method and code development
  • Computational physics: physisorption and chemisorption
  • GW and quantum Monte-Carlo method and application in material simulation
  • High temperature Cr and Nb based alloy oxidation and TBC study
  • ODS alloy and dislocation creep study
  • High entropy alloy design, synthesis, property study and validation
  • High pressure synchrotron radiation XRD, EXAFS, and XANES nano material study
  • High temperature sulphur corrosion resistance material design and validation
  • Electronic structure and optical properties of doped ZrO2 and Al2O3/ZrO2
  • Ab initio plane wave and full potential material simulation: doped C 60 , graphene, and CNT
  • High speed optical network study: CRON and GENI projects
  • STM, SEM, AFM, XPS, ESR, DLTS material testing
  • Raman and FT-IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction
  • High temperature superconductor, AC loss testing and control
  • Semiconductor material properties and devices
  • Protein structure prediction and interaction of gK and UL20
  • EBV gH-gL/integrins and prefusion gB/gH-gL and HSV-1 gK, gB, and gH-gL docking and interaction
  • Apocynin, nitroapocynin, and diapocynin/p47phox docking and MD study


  • Ph. D., Electrical Computer Engineering & Physics, University of Missouri - Kansas City, 2006

Research and Professional Experience

  • Professor, Southern University, July 2023 -- present
  • Assistant Professor, Southern University, June 2017 -- June, 2023
  • Assitant Professor, Southern University, June 2018 -- May 2017
  • Visiting Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, January 2013 -- present
  • Assistant Professor, Physics Department, Southern University, August 2007 -- May 2008
  • Postdoc on NSF and NASA supported molecular dynamics nano-material simulationsimulation, Physics Department, Southern University, August 2006 -- July 2007
  • Research Assistant, University of Missouri, January 2000 -- July 2006
  • Faculty, Northeastern University, July 1997--December 1999
  • Research Assistant, Sichuan University, September 1994 -- June 1997
  • Electronic Engineer, Ganzhou No. 852 Radio Station, July 1988 -- August 1994


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