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Dual Enrollment Program Overview



The Dual Enrollment program offers high school students a streamlined path to higher education by allowing them to earn college credits while still in high school, enhancing their academic, personal, and career development. Students are concurrently enrolled in both high school and college, with courses counting towards both diplomas. Courses follow the college curriculum and are taught by qualified college professors or high school instructors approved to teach at the college level. This program facilitates a smoother transition to college, potentially enabling students to graduate earlier.                                                                

Thirty-three (33) college credit hours are attainable through Dual Enrollment at SUBR, which can concurrently fulfill requirements for high school and college graduation, and are transferable to accredited institutions within Louisiana.  The credit hours may also be transferrable to instiutions outside of the state; however, it is important to communicate with specific institutions beforehand for verification.

Alongside college-level credits, Southern University provides enrichment and developmental education courses, yielding high school credit. Developmental elective courses are ineligible for college major fulfillment, but can contribute towards high school graduation units."



Dual Enrollment facilitates an easier transition from high school to college, providing students with a glimpse into the collegiate experience without the daunting immersion into a completely unfamiliar environment. These classes not only offer an avenue for students ineligible for advanced placement (AP) courses to showcase a more rigorous academic profile on their transcripts but also afford them the chance to accumulate college credits beforehand. The greatest advantage of Dual Enrollment lies in its capacity to enable students to accrue credits prior to matriculating into college, thereby empowering them to graduate either ahead of schedule or in a timely manner.


The Dual Enrollment Program mission is to furnish high school students with accessible pathways to higher education, empowering them to advance their educational journey and ultimately achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and career readiness.


Southern University and A&M College is dedicated to community service and leveraging its resources to enrich the lives of all individuals. Guided by the belief in equitable access to quality education, our institution offers diverse learning opportunities tailored to accommodate students of varying abilities. Consequently, our Dual Enrollment Program is crafted to equip students for collegiate studies, advanced coursework, and the challenges of a globalized world. Through partnerships with high schools, the university reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional education and support services that cater to the diverse needs of all qualified students. This initiative is viewed as an investment in the future and a cornerstone of our educational mission.