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Field Experience

Field Experience (Bulletin 996)


For the traditional teacher preparation program certification structures that BESE has adopted, the following notes apply.


1.   Students must spend a minimum of 270 clock hours in student teaching, with at least 180 of such hours spent in actual teaching. A substantial portion of the 180 hours shall be on an all-day basis.


2.   In addition to the student teaching experience, the student should be provided actual teaching experience (in addition to observations) in classroom settings during the sophomore, junior, and senior years within schools with varied socioeconomic and cultural characteristics. It is recommended that pre-service teachers be provided a minimum of 180 hours of direct teaching experience in field-based settings prior to student teaching.


  Three of the flexible hours allowed in the program structure must be in the “humanities.” This must occur to meet general education requirements for the board of regents.


4.   If students do not possess basic technology skills, they should be provided coursework or opportunities to develop those skills early in their program.



Field experiences are assigned by the course instructor. Field experience forms/documentation can be found in the Field Experience Handbook and online at the School of Education website.


Description of Field Experiences



Field experiences are an important part of a student’s preparation in becoming a professional teacher. This gives pre-professional educators an opportunity to observe: 

  • Various teaching methods and strategies 
  • Classroom management Teacher and student interactions 
  • Pedagogical techniques 
  • Roles and responsibilities of teachers 
  • Classroom design 
  • Diversity among learners And many more



Each program has specific requirements for individual courses and programs. Detailed information regarding the program requirements will be provided by the course instructor. 



Maintaining log sheet 

Small group instruction


Keeping detailed notes of visits for journal reflections

Practicing content specific teaching strategies


Professional Standards for field experiences


During field observations, pre-service teachers are representing both themselves and Southern University and A&M College. Often, students make professional connections during their fieldwork that later lead to job placement. For this reason, it is essential that physical appearance and conduct are professional at all times. Students should view observations as informal interviews.


CELL PHONE GUIDELINES When visiting schools to complete fieldwork hours, cell phones should be turned off and kept out of sight. It is unprofessional to use a cell phone in any way while in a classroom observation.


DRESS CODE GUIDELINES When completing fieldwork hours, pre-service teachers should maintain a neat appearance. Clothing must be modest, clean and in good condition. Dress in a way that is consistent with the attire of teachers and administrators in the school. Refer to the assigned school district’s dress code policy.xt